Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What if Ohio and Nevada had same-day voter registration?

I wonder if we would have won.

New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Minnesota all allow same-day voter registration. Kerry won them all.

I wonder if there were an additional 130,000 people who would have voted for Kerry, and wanted to vote for Kerry, but didn't register at their current address in early October.

What is that -- 10 people per precinct?

Same thing with Nevada. 10 more people per precinct who would have voted for Kerry, but didn't register in time, and Kerry wins.

It's a stretch. But not impossible.

We've got to make voter registration easier -- and soon, make it universal so the government has the responsibility to prepare the voter rolls, not the individual finding the proper government agency. That's how most democracies operate. Putting the burden on the individual to register with the government in order to vote is fairly rare around the world.

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