Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dick Durbin for Minority Leader

He'd be a lot better than Reid. Durbin's better at framing issues than Reid. We don't need some consensus builder. We don't need to move to the center. We need to stand for something that people can believe in.

Like Paul Simon. Or Barack Obama.

Dick Durbin is a solid progressive, who is very shrewd about how he communicates his positions. He makes non-newspaper-readers feel that a very liberal position is common sense and reasonable. That's the global test (ha ha) that Democratic spokespeople need to pass. It is not whether they can find common ground or seek consensus (which is what Daschle did). *Especially* when the Senate minority is the only thing standing in the way of the Wall Street looting of our public pension and all the rest (oh, so much more in the next very long two years).
We need a tough, smart, aggressive leader of the Loyal Opposition.

Reid isn't it. Durbin is.

But here's one bad thing: I understand that the current Senate caucus will pick the Minority Leader, and not the newly elected Senate Dem caucus. In other words, Barack doesn't get a vote. Can that be true? Someone, educate me.

UPDATE: Looks like this has been settled with Reid as Minority Leader (ugh) and Durbin as Whip (not as good, but good enough).

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