Sunday, November 21, 2004

First negative editorial against voters in Bloomington-Normal Pantagraph

This editorial from the Pantagraph calls on Governor Blagojevich to veto SB 2133, because:

We have little sympathy for those who, according to supporters of the bill, don't get motivated and truly interested in voting until Election Day draws nearer.


The editorial also gets the facts wrong. Under the bill, citizens who register during the grace period will have to vote absentee, either in-person when the register or by mail, depending on how the local election authority wants to process those ballots. They will not have to vote at a special location (as the editorial writes), unless by 'special location' the paper means the downtown office of the election authority.

If you haven't written Governor Blagojevich and asked him to sign SB 2133, please do so here.

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