Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Undecided between Bush and Kerry on the issues?

Here's why you should vote for Kerry.

If you were paid less than $100,000 last year, you will be better off with President Kerry than with President Bush. No question.

If you are under the age of 40, then you will be paying higher taxes in 20 years to pay off the huge debt that the government is running up now. That's a rip-off of our generation. Kerry will make the current generation pay for more of their expenses, by making the people earning more than $200,000 pay higher taxes (the same level they did under Clinton: 39.6%). That's fairer than what Bush has done (and will do), which is to cut taxes and run up a huge debt, leaving us to pay for it. In other words, President Bush means higher taxes for us in 20 years than President Kerry.

Bush has hired more soldiers and fewer teachers. That leaves our country a little bit dumber and a little bit meaner.

Plus, the Republicans are going to run the House of Representatives (and maybe the Senate). There's no way the Democrats are going to run the House. So if you believe that one party shouldn't run everything in Washington (like the Republicans do now), then President Kerry will be a balance against the Republican Congress. When the Republicans run everything, their extremists get too much power. Only a Democratic President can balance out the Republican Congress.

The glory of free elections in Afghanistan replacing the Taliban is outweighed by the disaster of invading Iraq. That's going to cost us a fortune, and when our military is stretched this thin, be careful about a draft. There aren't enough volunteers, and the government is forcing people to stay in Iraq much longer than they want to already.

Finally, Bush may be clear and strong-willed. But that's another word for stubborn. When the stakes are this high, I'd rather have someone willing to admit a mistake and change his mind in charge of the country than someone too stubborn to see when he is making a mistake.

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