Friday, November 05, 2004

The Cross bloggers are trying to skip out on a bet. The shame.

Well, this is just unacceptable.

So back in September here, I bet the Tom Cross bloggers a dollar (if it's legal to do so) that Jack Franks would beat Perry Moy. Now, after Franks resounding victory, I see this nonsense on the Cross blog on Election Day:
Dems and Repubs both agree that GOP Rep. Beth Coulson had great turnout in her base of Northfield Township and Glenview.

This is a fight to the finish. My money's on Beth. Dan's money is on Bromberg.


Can you believe it? They try to pin me as betting on Bromberg beating Coulson instead of Franks beating Moy! Chris Rhodes, I'm going to out your real identity if you don't publish a correction and as punishment, force you to pay up that dollar by donating it to the DNC. Or better yet, Friends of Michael Madigan. Don't start to get a big head just because you won Blogger Bowl II. . . .

UPDATE: All is good in BlogLand. The King of Blogger Bowl II has retracted here on JoinCross. Thanks Chris.

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