Tuesday, November 02, 2004

There's something very wrong with our democracy.

Most of us have to drive to another part of the country in order to influence the presidential election.

That is so dumb.

In all seriousness, just consider that a few hours before the polls open, and here in Chicago, I might as well be in Caracas. I am away from the action.

I'll be calling Wisconsin voters all day tomorrow (today!) asking them to vote for Kerry.

Why can't I ask my neighbors? Why doesn't every vote matter equally?

If you still defend the Electoral College, then you have got to look in the mirror and accept that you are defending widespread disenfranchisement. You are defending unequal treatment.

Give me a break. Dragging one more person to the polls in Chicago should be just as important as dragging one more person to the polls in Milwaukee. But it's not. And that's indefensible.

Congressman Jackson Jr.'s bill, HJR 109, would amend the Constitution and abolish the Electoral College. This amendment should pass. The text is here. Get your Member of Congress on board as a co-sponsor during the lame duck session.

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