Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Grace period voter registration passed the House! Senate vote Wed or Thurs

Good news from the state capitol. SB 2133 passed out of the House of Representatives on a mostly party-line vote. Thanks to Republicans Beth Coulson, Paul Froehlich, Rosemary Kurtz and Carolyn Krause for voting yes as well as every House Democrat except for Kevin Joyce and Kevin McCarthy. Feel free to call those four Republicans in Springfield and thank them for voting yes on SB 2133 (they would appreciate a couple of messages).

Now, Senator Meeks has filed a Motion to Concur with the House Amendment which has been referred to the Rules Committee. If we can get the Rules Committee to discharge the Motion straight to the floor instead of assigning it to a committee, then we could have a vote on this in the Senate tomorrow. Which would be vastly preferable to waiting until Thursday, when casino-mania and CTA funding might muddy the waters. (But I am hearing that the casino is not going to happen this week).

Here again is the status of the bill. Let's push this one to victory! Call your state senator (find the list here) tomorrow and ask them to co-sponsor SB 2133. Isn't lobbying fun? We've got to work with our electeds to make Illinois law the best in the nation. They need our help. Voting for good people is not enough.

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