Sunday, October 31, 2004

State legislative predictions. . .an incumbent parade

Here they are. Note that the farter south the district, the less insight I have and so the less confident I am about my predictive abilities.

Beth Coulson beats Michele Bromberg in the strongest against-the-tide race in the state.
Pam Althoff beats Patrick Ouimet.
Michael McCauliffe beats Ralph Caparelli.
Pat Welch beats Gary Dahl.
Ricca Slone beats Aaron Schock (thanks to Obamania).
Jack Franks beats Perry Moy (and I win my bet with the Tom Cross staffers)
Mike Boland beats the dude running against him (and gets an apology from the Trib for inventing the "Squish" nickname)
Bob Churchill beats Sharyn Elman
Naomi Jakobbson beats Deb Feinen (thanks to Obamania).
Coreen Gordon? The Supreme Court race? Bill Grunloh? Gary Forby? I don't know.

And by the way, I'm disappointed in the Democratic commercials I've seen that attack incumbent state legislators for backing an increase in the 3% income tax. That basically puts a stake in the heart of the progressive move to increase our 3% income tax to 5%. I understand it's really going on Downstate, but I saw one during Saturday Night Live that attacked Senator Althoff for making nice comments about raising the 3% income tax. And that is lame. There is nothing more insulting to voters' intelligence than "I'm for more money for education. . .by cutting wasteful spending."

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