Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Environmental legislators (the 2004 winners of the IEC voting record awards)

The Illinois Environmental Council released their rating of legislators' voting records last month. Finally, here are the people who earned a 100% rating.

The scorecard is here: www.ilenviro.org/2004scorecard.htm

James Clayborne
Jacqueline Collins
Dan Cronin
John Cullerton
Susan Garrett
William Haine
Terry Link
Edward Maloney
Barack Obama
Carol Ronen
Pater Roskam
Jeffrey Schoenberg
Patrick Welch
Richard Winkel

Elizabeth Coulson
Barbara Flynn Currie
Monique Davis
William Davis
Sara Feigenholtz
Deborah Graham
Julie Hamos
Jay Hoffman
Naomi Jakobsson
Robin Kelly
Caroyln Krause
Rosemary Kurtz
Eileen Lyons
Karen May
Larry McKeon
Elaine Nekritz
Harry Osterman
Sandra Pihos
Kathleen Ryg
Ricca Slone
Cynthia Soto

This is the biggest list of 100% voting records ever. It's only on four bills (but they don't say which four). Hopefully in 2005 we can force the profitable utilities to invest in pollution control equipment for those filthy coal power plants and quit killing kids with asthma.

Interesting group of legislators: lots of blacks, lots of whites, no Latinos (except for Cynthia Soto). Good number of Republicans (about 25% or so). Also interesting: just about every one of these legislators is accessible. Hey: where's our favorite GOP commenter Paul Froehlich? What bill did you vote wrong on?

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