Friday, October 22, 2004

Know about public corruption? The feds want to talk

From the IllinoisLeader (a site with a mix of hard-nosed reporting and cultural fundamentalism), this choice paragraph:

Joe Ways, speaking for the FBI, asked those knowing about public corruption to call 312-786-2699, the public corruption hotline. He said there were now 20 FBI agents investigating public corruption in the Chicago area, up from 16.

If you know people pushed around by bribe-seeking operatives, call the feds. Corruption exists when the people tolerate it. Let's not tolerate it.

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Tom Rodeffer said...

The Feds may want to know about Corruption, but will not do anything about any of it. They have had plenty of this information, and still have their hands in their pockets. Corruption runs rampant in DuPage, headed by Joe Birkett, and favors are constantly the way everything in DuPage is obstructed.

Joe Birkett had an opportunity to clean-up the cesspool in 1998, but instead, joined the ranks of corruption by sitting on the indictments of the County Administrator, Don Zeilenga and his Transportaion Committee Board Members. This was part of the buried paint striper that was never prosecuted, yet the EPA and USEPA were under the impression Birkett was going to prosecute the case. It never was! EPA and USEPA were on site to assist in the Technical assistance that the taxpayers had paid for. Close to 187 million dollars when missing from an Emergency Reserve fund about the same time, and Zeilenga lied to the taxpayers, and misused the money covering up this corruption. Birkett most likely, agreed to sit on all indictments, on a sealed deal to run against Lisa Madigan in 2002.

Now he is running with Judy Topinka in the Governor's race for 2006. Too bad Judy, Birkett is a broke loser and will drag you down. He is as corrupt as the Masters he serves as County Board Members, that think they are above the laws.

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