Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Boston is on the way to the Series

This is awesome.

The Red Sox are almost certainly going to win Game 7, beating the Yankees to get to the Series.

I hate to go overboard on this, but a Boston-Houston series will be a neat symbol of the presidential campaign (taking this idea from someone who commented on my blog). Kerry's Boston versus Bush's Houston (which is served by George Bush Airport, remember).

And in the series, Boston beats New York, as a nice symbol of Kerry beating in an upset the Park Avenue raised Howard Dean, who looked like he had all the money and momentum behind him.

And Houston beating St. Louis, as a symbol of the radical southern Republicans running the old moderate Midwestern Republicans from a position of power -- such that no one even ran against Bush in the primary.

Yeah, it's a stretch, but I'm in a good mood tonight with the Red Sox victory. With two former Cubs in the infield! Go Boston.

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