Friday, October 08, 2004

New report on waste and inefficiency of US health care system

Why do we spend so much money on health care with such rotten results in this country?

We spend more, per capita, than anyone else in the world. By far.

And yet by any measure, we are not a very healthy nation.

This report by Jobs with Justice blames waste.

We waste billions.

We waste billions through

(a) hundreds of different forms for doctors and hospitals to fill out to try to chase after their money from insurance companies that make money by not paying bills

(b) ridiculously generous patent monopolies to the drug companies that allow them to charge crazy-high prices to consumers for drugs

(c) direct subsidies to private insurance companies that take on Medicare patients, since the for-profit insurance companies are far less efficient than the public Medicare program which handles 90% of all seniors.

Unreal how much money we waste on the for-profit paper chase in health insurance.

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