Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Keep Steve Stone in the Cubs booth

After the Cubs implosion in the last week of baseball, the fate of Steve Stone is up in the air. Chip Caray is taking a walk to work with his father broadcasting the Braves games. I never liked Chip's persona, but I wish him well. Now that Steve Stone told the truth about the Cubs -- this team should have *easily* made the playoffs, and there is no justification for them coming up short -- the Tribune brass is apparently thinking about whether to keep him or not.

Keep Steve Stone!

He's the smartest broadcaster I've ever heard. Baseball is a complicated game, and Stoney teaches it well. I like Santo and Hughes on the radio, but Steve Stone is the best. So any Tribsters that are reading this blog: keep Steve Stone. And maybe get Mark Grace to do the play-by-play. Or Leon Durham. Or Rick Sutcliffe.

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