Thursday, October 07, 2004

Stern's anti-FCC (and anti-Bush) crusade a good thing

Howard Stern's jump away from government-regulated broadcast radio to non-regulated satellite radio is a great thing for the Kerry campaign.

Stern's 12 million daily listeners, most of whom probably are younger, whiter and less likely to read a newspaper than the average voter (in other words, more likely to be persuadable swing voters) have been hearing an anti-Bush crusade for months, if not years. The FCC's ridiculous 'crack-down' on indecency should have an anti-Bush backlash in November, and Howard Stern might be a significant part of that.

Yes, I know Kerry voted with the 99 other senators to authorize the FCC to levy higher fines against Viacom for allowing the nation to see Janet Jackson's nipple (oh, horrors! think of the children!), but it's Bush's FCC. He appointed Colin Powell's kid to run it.

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