Monday, October 18, 2004

Higher gasoline tax (and lower tax on wages)

We should tax the things that do us harm and not tax the things that do us good.

Gasoline does us a lot of harm. It warms the atmosphere. It keeps us dependent on the Saudi royal family. It forces us, in part, to send more than 100,000 American soldiers to the Persian Gulf to keep that crude oil flowing.

We don't tax it enough.

This Sun-Times article has two climatologists at Urbana-Champaign making the case for a global gas tax.

The City of Chicago should raise the gas tax, as should all of the counties and the State of Illinois. That will make it easier for our neighboring states, counties and municipalities to balance their budgets by raising their gas taxes. Indiana and Wisconsin like the gas tax differential, but the higher we raise our gax tax, the easier it is for them to raise theirs and still enjoy a differential.

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