Friday, October 15, 2004

Your daughter's a lesbian! Nyah, nyah!

I can't believe that the Bush camp is trying to say it is a cheap shot to talk about Dick Cheney's daughter in the debates.

The implication is a little sad.

And to spell it out, the implication is that it is something to be ashamed of. And that's the only reason why Kerry and Edwards brought it up: to bring humiliation and scorn onto the Bush/Cheney ticket, and expose their deep, dark secret to the world.

A lesbian daughter.

The really sad part is that for some people, I'll bet that's true.

And so the really, really sad part is that if the Bush/Cheney camp is calling it a cheap shot and a tawdry political trick, it's because part of the GOP base is appalled that Dick Cheney's daugher is a lesbian.

Now that's *really* embarassing -- part of your base considers is so disgusting that your daughter is gay that if your opponent congratulates you on your accepting, tolerant fatherhood, it's a dirty trick.

I tell you, I'd rather have the liberal extremists than the conservative extremists in weeks like this.

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