Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Cook County voters: vote no on retaining Judges Dorothy Jones (punch 226) and Susan Jeanine McDunn (punch 276).

One of the strangest duties that citizens of Cook County face is judging judges. We decide whether state judges have done a good enough job to warrant staying in office every six years. Since most of us are not attorneys, this is not an easy thing to do. Because really, how are we supposed to know which judges should be fired? I've only practiced in front of (at most) half a dozen of the judges up for retention, and every judge I'm been in front of has been a solid public official.

As it turns out, there are two judges that every bar association in the county (and there are 10 of them) have agreed should be fired. Their names are

Dorothy Jones


Susan Jeanine McDunn.

Please vote NO on whether to retain these two judges.

Unfortunately, the judges and most party organizations urge the electorate to vote YES on everyone, in a black-robe solidarity move that only protects the truly incompetent. It is really difficult to muster 40% of the vote to reject a judge (a judge must earn 60% of the vote in order to remain behind the bench).

Please spread the word about Cook County voters to reject these two judges.

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Margo Murray said...

I need to know when Dorothy Jones comes up for re-election. She is giving me heel in an insurance case and I have lost my driver's license. She should not be on the bench. Vote no to re-elect her.

Glendora Brunson said...

I am a little confused. I was the secretary for Judge Jones for several years when she was an attorney. She worked very hard for her clients. She worked really long hours. Judge Jones researched everything thoroughly. Sent out subpoena after subpoena and did a lot of Motions. How do I know, because I was very busy typing it. If I was still in Chicago, I would work very hard to get her re-elected. Keep up the good work Judge Jones.
Glendora P. Brunson
Panama City, FL